Source code for idmtools.entities.task_proxy

Defines our TaskProxy object.

The TaskProxy object is mean to reduce the memory requirements of large simulation sets/configurations after provisioning. Instead of keeping the full original object in memory,
the object is replaced with a proxy object with minimal information needed to work with the task.

Copyright 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All rights reserved.
from typing import Union
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from idmtools.entities import CommandLine

[docs]@dataclass class TaskProxy: """ This class is used to reduce the memory footprint of tasks after a simulation has been provisioned. """ command: Union[str, CommandLine] = field(default=None) is_docker: bool = False is_gpu: bool = False
[docs] @staticmethod def from_task(task: 'ITask'): # noqa: F821 """ Create a task proxy from a task. Args: task: Task to proxy Returns: TaskProxy of task """ from idmtools.core.docker_task import DockerTask is_docker = isinstance(task, DockerTask) item = TaskProxy(command=task.command, is_docker=is_docker, is_gpu=is_docker and task.use_nvidia_run) return item