idmtools.assets.file_list module#

idmtools FileList classes.

Copyright 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All rights reserved.

class idmtools.assets.file_list.FileList(root=None, files_in_root=None, recursive=False, ignore_missing=False, relative_path=None, max_depth=3)[source]#

Bases: object

Special utility class to help handling user files.

__init__(root=None, files_in_root=None, recursive=False, ignore_missing=False, relative_path=None, max_depth=3)[source]#

Represents a set of files that are specified RELATIVE to root.

e.g. /a/b/c.json could be : root: ‘/a’ files_in_root: [‘b/c.json’] :param root: The dir all files_in_root are relative to. :param files_in_root: The listed files


Method used to add asset file.


af – asset file to add

Returns: None

add_file(path, relative_path='')[source]#

Method used to add a file.

  • path – file oath

  • relative_path – file relative path

Returns: None

add_path(path, files_in_dir=None, relative_path=None, recursive=False)[source]#

Add a path to the file list.

  • path – The path to add (needs to be a dictionary)

  • files_in_dir – If we want to only retrieve certain files in this path

  • relative_path – relative_path: The relative path prefixed to each added files

  • recursive – Do we want to browse recursively

Returns: None

to_asset_collection() AssetCollection[source]#

Convert a file list to an asset collection.


AssetCollection version of filelist

static from_asset_collection(asset_collection: AssetCollection) FileList[source]#

Create a FileList from a AssetCollection.


asset_collection – AssetCollection to convert.


FileList version of AssetCollection