idmtools.core.enums module

Define our common enums to be used through idmtools.

Copyright 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All rights reserved.

class idmtools.core.enums.EntityStatus(value)

Bases: Enum

EntityStatus provides status values for Experiment/Simulations/WorkItems.

COMMISSIONING = 'commissioning'
CREATED = 'created'
RUNNING = 'running'
SUCCEEDED = 'succeeded'
FAILED = 'failed'
class idmtools.core.enums.FilterMode(value)

Bases: Enum

Allows user to specify AND/OR for the filtering system.

AND = 0
OR = 1
class idmtools.core.enums.ItemType(value)

Bases: Enum

ItemTypes supported by idmtools.

SUITE = 'Suite'
EXPERIMENT = 'Experiment'
SIMULATION = 'Simulation'
ASSETCOLLECTION = 'Asset Collection'