idmtools.core.id_file module#

Utility method for writing and reading id files.

ID Files allow us to reload entities like Experiment, Simulations, AssetCollections, etc from a platform through files. This can be enabling for workflows to chain steps together, or to self-document remote outputs in the local project directory.

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idmtools.core.id_file.read_id_file(filename: str | PathLike)[source]#

Reads an id from an id file.

An id file is in the format of

<id>::<item_type>::<config block>::<extra args> :param filename:



idmtools.core.id_file.write_id_file(filename: str | PathLike, item: IEntity, save_platform: bool = False, platform_args: Dict = None)[source]#

Write an item as and id file.

  • filename – Filename to write file to

  • item – Item to write out

  • save_platform – When true, writes platform details to the file

  • platform_args – Platform arguments to write out