idmtools_platform_comps.ssmt_operations.workflow_item_operations module#

idmtools workflow item operations for ssmt.

Copyright 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All rights reserved.

class idmtools_platform_comps.ssmt_operations.workflow_item_operations.SSMTPlatformWorkflowItemOperations(platform: COMPSPlatform, platform_type: ~typing.Type = <class 'COMPS.Data.WorkItem.WorkItem'>)[source]#

Bases: CompsPlatformWorkflowItemOperations

SSMTPlatformWorkflowItemOperations provides IWorkflowItem actions for SSMT Platform.

In IWorkflowItem’s case, we just need to change how get_assets works.

get(workflow_item_id: UUID, columns: List[str] | None = None, load_children: List[str] | None = None, query_criteria: QueryCriteria | None = None, **kwargs) WorkItem[source]#

Get COMPSWorkItem.

  • workflow_item_id – Item id

  • columns – Optional columns to load. Defaults to “id”, “name”, “state”, “environment_name”, “working_directory”

  • load_children – Optional list of COMPS Children objects to load. Defaults to “Tags”

  • query_criteria – Optional QueryCriteria

  • **kwargs



get_assets(workflow_item: IWorkflowItem, files: List[str], **kwargs) Dict[str, bytearray][source]#

Get Assets for workflow_item.

  • workflow_item – WorkflowItem

  • files – Files to get

  • **kwargs


Files requested

__init__(platform: COMPSPlatform, platform_type: ~typing.Type = <class 'COMPS.Data.WorkItem.WorkItem'>) None#
platform: COMPSPlatform#