idmtools.ini wizard

You can use the config command to create a configuration block in your project’s idmtools.ini file.

$ idmtools config --help
You are using a development version of idmtools, version 1.7.8+nightly!
INI File Used: /home/docs/checkouts/
Usage: idmtools config [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Contains commands related to the creation of idmtools.ini.

  With the config command, you can :  - Generate an idmtools.ini file in the
  current directory  - Add a configuration block

  --config_path FILE              Path to the idmtools.ini file
  --global-config / --no-global-config
                                  Allow generating config in the platform
                                  default global location
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  block  Command to create/replace a block in the selected idmtools.ini.

If you do not specify a config path, the command will use the idmtools.ini file in the current directory. To edit a different file, use the --config_path argument to specify its path, such as: idmtools config --config_path C:\my_project\idmtools.ini.

Use the block command to start the wizard that will guide you through the creation of a configuration block in the selected idmtools.ini, for example: idmtools config block.

Here is a demo of the command in action