Running parameter sweeps with EMODΒΆ

When running parameter sweeps with EMOD, you use the EMODTask class for setting the sweep parameters and passing them to the SimulationBuilder class using the add_sweep_definition method.

In addition to the parameters for sweeping, you must also set the Run_Number parameter. This determines the seed for the random number generator. This is particularly important with EMOD in order to explore the stochastic nature of the model. Otherwise, if Run_Number is not changed then each simulation will result in the same output.

The following Python code excerpt shows an example:

# Create TemplatedSimulations with task
ts = TemplatedSimulations(base_task=task)

# Create SimulationBuilder
builder = SimulationBuilder()

# Add sweep parameter to builder
builder.add_sweep_definition(EMODTask.set_parameter_partial("Run_Number"), range(num_seeds))

# Add another sweep parameter to builder
builder.add_sweep_definition(EMODTask.set_parameter_partial("Base_Infectivity"), [0.6, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0])

# Add builder to templated simulations

You can run a parameter sweep using the above code excerpt by running the included example, emodpy.examples.create_sims_eradication_from_github_url.