idmtools_calibra.analyzers.rmse_analyzer module#

class idmtools_calibra.analyzers.rmse_analyzer.RMSEAnalyzer(site, dependent_column, independent_column, output_filename='output.csv')[source]#

Bases: BaseCalibrationAnalyzer

map(data, item)[source]#

In parallel for each simulation/work item, consume raw data from filenames and emit selected data.

  • data – A dictionary associating filename with content for simulation data.

  • itemIItem object that the passed data is associated with.


Selected data for the given simulation/work item.

static set_custom_cost_fn(user_cost_fn)[source]#
rmse(df, data_column, reference_column)[source]#
compare(sample, data_column, reference_column)[source]#

Combine the simulation data into a single table for all analyzed simulations.