idmtools_calibra.calib_site module#

class idmtools_calibra.calib_site.SiteFunctions(name, setup_functions, verbose=False)[source]#

Bases: object

A helper to take a set of bare SimConfigBuilder-modifying functions and combine them into a single function of the same format


N.B. The name of this function is chosen to ensure it is applied first by ModBuilder.set_mods and other aspects can be over-ridden as needed by sample-point modifications.

class idmtools_calibra.calib_site.CalibSite(name)[source]#

Bases: object

A class to represent the base behavior of a calibration site

abstract get_reference_data(reference_type)[source]#

Callback function for derived classes to pass site-specific reference data that is requested by analyzers by the relevant reference_type.

abstract get_analyzers()[source]#

Derived classes return a list of BaseComparisonAnalyzer instances that have been passed a reference to the CalibSite for site-specific analyzer setup.

abstract get_setup_functions()[source]#

Derived classes return a list of functions to apply site-specific modifications to the base configuration. These are combined into a single function using the SiteFunctions helper class in the CalibSite constructor.