COMPS errors#

The following errors mostly occur in SSMT workitems that run on COMPS:

  • NoFileFound - This means the patterns you specified resulted in no files found. Review your patterns.

  • CrossEnvironmentFilterNotSupport - This occurs when you attempt to filter an item in a COMPS environment that does not match that of the workitem. Use the same environment for your workitem as you did for your original item.

  • AtLeastOneItemToWatch - You cannot run assetize without linking at least one item.

  • DuplicateAsset - The resulting asset collection would have duplicate assets. See the error for a list of duplicate assets. This often occurs when filtering either experiments or multiple items. With experiments, this can be avoided by using the simulation_prefix_format_str to place the assets into sub-folders. When processing multiple workitems with files that would overlap, you can use work_item_prefix_format_str. For other cases, you may need to do multiple runs and exclude patterns such as combining two asset collections with a single file that overlaps.