Assetize outputs Workitem#

Assetizing outputs allows you to create an AssetCollection from the outputs of a previous Experiment, Simulation, workitem (GenericWorkItem, SSMTWorkItem, SingularityBuildWorkItem) and other asset collections. In addition, you can create assets from multiple items of these type. For example, three simulations and an asset collection, or an experiment and a workitem. AssetizeOutput is implemented as a workitem that depends on other items to complete before running.

Assetized outputs are available on COMPS in the asset collection for the associated workitem.

Assetize outputs using glob patterns to select or deselect files. See for details on glob patterns. The default configuration is set to assetize all outputs, “**” pattern, and exclude the “.log”, “StdOut.txt”, “StdErr.txt”, and “WorkOrder.json” files.

You can see a list of files that will be assetized without assetizing them by using the dry_run parameter. The file list will be in the output of the workitem.

See the Cookbook for examples of assetizing outputs.

Also review the class details AssetizeOutput

You can also run this command from the CLI. For details, see COMPS CLI reference.


See COMPS Errors reference