emodpy_malaria.interventions.malaria_challenge module#

emodpy_malaria.interventions.malaria_challenge.add_challenge_trial(campaign, start_day: int = 0, node_ids: list | None = None, demographic_coverage: float = 1, infectious_bites: int = 5, sporozoites: int = 0, intervention_name: str = 'MalariaChallenge')[source]#

Add an intervention to distribute an infectious challenge mosquito bites or sporozoites to individuals to the campaign using the MalariaChallenge class, a node-level intervention.

  • campaign – A campaign builder that also contains schema_path parameters

  • start_day – The day to distribute the intervention; default = 0.

  • node_ids – List of nodes to which to distribute the intervention. [] or None, indicates all nodes will get the intervention

  • demographic_coverage – The fraction of individuals receiving the challenge

  • infectious_bites – The number of infectious bites a person is challenged with, Default: 5 sprorozoites needs to be set to 0

  • sporozoites – The number of sporozoites a person is challenged with. Default: 0. To use “sporozoites”, set infectious_bites to 0.

  • intervention_name – The optional name used to refer to this intervention as a means to differentiate it from others that use the same class.