emodpy_malaria.interventions.outdoorrestkill module#

emodpy_malaria.interventions.outdoorrestkill.add_outdoorrestkill(campaign, start_day: int = 1, node_ids: list | None = None, insecticide: str | None = None, killing_initial_effect: float = 1, killing_box_duration: int = -1, killing_decay_time_constant: float = 0)[source]#

Adds a node-targeted OutdoorRestKill intervention to the campaign

  • campaign – campaign object to which the intervention will be added, and schema_path container

  • start_day – the day on which to distribute the intervention

  • insecticide – The name of the insecticide defined in config.Insecticides for this intervention. If insecticides are being used, then this must be defined as one of those values. If they are not being used, then this does not needed to be specified or can be empty string. It cannot have a value if config.Insecticides does not define anything.

  • killing_initial_effectInitial_Effect in the Killing_Config*

  • killing_box_duration – Length in days before the Initial_Effect starts to decay, -1 indicates forever.

  • killing_decay_time_constant – The rate of decay of the Initial_Effect*

  • node_ids – List of nodes to which to distribute the intervention. None or empty list implies “all nodes”.


configured campaign object