emodpy_malaria.interventions.spacespraying module#

emodpy_malaria.interventions.spacespraying.add_scheduled_space_spraying(campaign, start_day: int = 1, node_ids: list | None = None, repetitions: int = 1, timesteps_between_repetitions: int = 365, spray_coverage: float = 1.0, insecticide: str = '', killing_initial_effect: float = 1, killing_box_duration: float = -1, killing_decay_time_constant: float = 0, intervention_name: str = 'SpaceSpraying', cost_to_consumer: float = 0)[source]#
  • campaign – campaign object to which the intervention will be added, and schema_path container

  • start_day – The day the intervention is given out.

  • node_ids – List of nodes to which to distribute the intervention. [] or None, indicates all nodes will get the intervention

  • repetitions – The number of times an intervention is given, used with timesteps_between_repetitions. -1 means the intervention repeats forever. Sets Number_Repetitions

  • timesteps_between_repetitions – The interval, in timesteps, between repetitions. Ignored if repetitions = 1. Sets Timesteps_Between_Repetitions

  • spray_coverage – The portion of the node that has been sprayed. This value is multiplied by the current efficacy of the WaningEffect

  • insecticide – The name of the insecticide defined in <config.Insecticides> for this intervention. If insecticides are being used, then this must be defined as one of those values. If they are not being used, then this does not needed to be specified or can be empty string. It cannot have a value if <config.Insecticides> does not define anything.

  • intervention_name – The optional name used to refer to this intervention as a means to differentiate it from others that use the same class. It’s possible to have multiple UsageDependentBednets interventions attached to a person if they have different Intervention_Name values.

  • killing_initial_effect – Initial strength of the Killing effect. The effect may decay over time.

  • killing_box_duration – Box duration of effect in days before the decay of Killing Initial_Effect. -1 indicates effect is indefinite (WaningEffectConstant)

  • killing_decay_time_constant – The exponential decay length, in days of the Killing Initial_Effect.

  • cost_to_consumer – Per unit cost when distributed


emodpy_malaria.interventions.spacespraying.new_intervention_as_file(campaign, start_day: int = 0, filename: str = 'SpaceSpraying.json')[source]#

Creates a file with SpaceSpray intervention

  • campaign – campaign object to which the intervention will be added, and schema_path container

  • start_day – the day to distribute the SpaceSpraying intervention

  • filename – name of the filename created


filename of the file created