emodpy_malaria.interventions.treatment_seeking module

emodpy_malaria.interventions.treatment_seeking.add_treatment_seeking(campaign, start_day: int = 1, targets: Optional[list] = None, drug: Optional[list] = None, node_ids: Optional[list] = None, ind_property_restrictions: Optional[list] = None, drug_ineligibility_duration: float = 0, duration: int = - 1, broadcast_event_name: str = 'ReceivedTreatment')

Add an event-triggered drug-seeking behavior intervention to the campaign using the NodeLevelHealthTriggeredIV. The intervention will distribute drugs to targeted individuals within the node.

  • campaign – object for building, modifying, and writing campaign configuration files.

  • start_day – Start day of intervention.

  • targets – List of dictionaries defining the trigger event and coverage for and

  • is (properties of individuals to target with the intervention. Default) – [{ "trigger":"NewClinicalCase","coverage":0.8,"agemin":15,"agemax":70, "seek":0.4,"rate":0.3},{"trigger":"NewSevereCase","coverage":0.8,"seek":0.6, "rate":0.5}].

  • drug – List of drug(s) to administer. Default is ["Artemether","Lumefantrine"].

  • node_ids – The list of nodes to apply this intervention to (Node_List

  • NodeSetAll. (parameter). If not provided, set value of) –

  • ind_property_restrictions – List of IndividualProperty key:value pairs that

  • example, (individuals must have to receive the intervention. For) – ["IndividualProperty1:PropertyValue1", "IndividualProperty2:PropertyValue2"].

  • drug_ineligibility_duration – number of days for which an individual will be ineligible for more drugs

  • duration – duration from start_day until people will no longer seek drugs when sick. Default is -1, where this never happens.

  • broadcast_event_name – Event to broadcast when successful health seeking behavior.

  • ReceivedTreatment. (Default is) –