• #1166 - Properly remove/replace unsupported characters on the COMPS platform in experiment names

  • #1173 - Ensure assets are not directories on creation of Asset


  • #1191 - Remove idmtools.ini from examples to leverage configuration aliases. This change allows executing of examples with minimal local configuration

Feature Request

  • #1127 - Remove emodpy from idmtools[full] and idmtools[idm] install options. This allows a more control of packages used in projects

  • #1179 - Supply multiple default templates for template script wrapper. See the examples in the cookbook.

  • #1180 - Support Configuration Aliases. This provides out of the box configurations for common platform configurations. For example, COMPS environments have predefined aliases such as Calculon, Belegost, etc

Known Issues

  • PlatformAnalysis requires an idmtools.ini

Upcoming breaking changes in 1.6.0

  • Assets will no longer support both absolute_path and content. That will be mutually exclusive going forward

  • The task API pre_creation method has a new parameter to pass the platform object. All tasks implementing the API will need to update the pre_creation method

  • Deprecation of the delete function from AssetCollection in favor or remove.

Upcoming features in the coming releases

  • Ability to query the platform from task for items such as OS, supported workflows, etc

  • Utility to Asset-ize outputs within COMPS. This should make it into 1.6.0

  • HPC Container build and run utilities. Slated for next few releases

  • Better integration of errors with references to relevant documentation(ongoing)

  • Improves support for Mac OS