Using analyzers with SSMT#

If you have access to COMPS, you can use idmtools to run analyzers on Server-Side Modeling Tools (SSMT). SSMT is integrated with COMPS, allowing you to leverage the HPC compute power for running both the analyzers and any pre or post processing scripts that you may have previously ran locally.

The PlatformAnalysis class is used for sending the needed information (such as analyzers, files, and experiment ids) as a SSMT work item to be run with SSMT and COMPS.

The following example,, shows how to use PlatformAnalysis for running analysis on SSMT:

from examples.ssmt.simple_analysis.analyzers.AdultVectorsAnalyzer import AdultVectorsAnalyzer
from examples.ssmt.simple_analysis.analyzers.PopulationAnalyzer import PopulationAnalyzer
from idmtools.core.platform_factory import Platform
from idmtools.analysis.platform_anaylsis import PlatformAnalysis

if __name__ == "__main__":
    platform = Platform('CALCULON')
    analysis = PlatformAnalysis(
        platform=platform, experiment_ids=["b3e4fceb-bb71-ed11-aa00-b88303911bc1"],
        analyzers=[PopulationAnalyzer, AdultVectorsAnalyzer], analyzers_args=[{'title': 'idm'}, {'name': 'global good'}],
        analysis_name="SSMT Analysis Simple 1",
        # You can pass any additional arguments needed to AnalyzerManager through the extra_args parameter

    wi = analysis.get_work_item()

In this example two analyzers are run on an existing experiment with the output results saved to an output directory. After you run the example you can see the results by using the returned SSMTWorkItem id and searching for it under Work Items in COMPS.


COMPS access is restricted to IDM employees. See additional documentation for using idmtools with other high-performance computing clusters.